Wakefield Socialist History Group

There is an oft-repeated saying along the lines of "If you don`t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat past mistakes".  In recognition of this, there has been increasing interest in this subject during recent years and a number of similar groups have appeared around the country.   Following successful pilot events events such as a Featherstone Massacre commemorative guided walk [07/9/13] and the Dublin Lock Out centenary commemoration [19/10/13] ,  Wakefield Socialist History Group was formally established on Saturday 26th October 2013.

There is no membership.  The group is open to anyone interested in the class struggle and the fight against oppression and who is generally on the Left politically. It is non-sectarian and not linked with any particular party.

The focus has varied from local to international  and "history" has been interpreted very broadly to include events which are still unfolding today as well as those that happened decades or centuries ago.  When we look back to earlier times, we always have regard to the relevance of those events to our own time.
Topics covered at events and meetings have included :

Forthcoming events :

Saturday 11th March 2017
Starting at 13.00

with Granville Williams (other speakers welcome)

Admission to the meeting is free.  All welcome.  Free light buffet provided.

Provisional dates for 2017 :

01 APRIL:   BRITISH SOCIALISM AND WORLD WAR ONE  with Martin Crick (other speakers welcome)
13 MAY:    SYNDICALISM AND THE GREAT UNREST  with Robin Stocks (other speakers currently being confirmed.)
All Saturdays, at the Red Shed, Vicarage Street, Wakefield WF1, starting at 1pm.  Admission is free.

Alan Stewart
Group Convener

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