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Red Shed Players

The Red Shed Players  have a number of events in preparation.

* Cuban afternoon on Sunday 10th October, followed by some other themed afternoons.

* "The Future We Build" on Thursday 21st October.
Also being done in South Kirkby on Thursday 14th October, and in Featherstone on 28th October.  This will include a showing of their film
“SIC K" (see news item below) followed by discussion.

* The latest pantomime is now in rehearsal - to be performed at the Red Shed on Sunday 9th January 2022.
Also (dates t.b.a.) at Wakefield Town Hall, Castleford and Glossop Labour Club


Gig news

Otis GibbsAmerican  singer-songwriter  Otis Gibbs will be performing at the Red Shed on Sunday 7th November 2021.  Doors open at 7pm.
Tickets - £11.00 - are on sale now from Trad Music (on Warrengate - just round the corner from the club) or Jumbo Records, or online at http://www.wegottickets.com/event/497950/ Note we do not have them in the club.

Otis Gibbs is a folk/"alt-country" musician who has been compared to - amongst others - Woody Guthrie.  Anyone with an interest in Labour ("Labor" in American) history should watch his story about Joe Hill`s ashes.



This Friday...

Live gig with 2 bands:



Punk, Reggae & Ska

Starting at 19.45

Free entry


Annual General Meeting

Calling all paid-up club members!  You are invited to have your say in the running of the club.

The Annual General Meeting will be on Sunday 5th September.  Starting time 7.30pm.


Notices are on display in the club, including nomination forms for the committee and officer elections.
Any motions for debate must be submitted to the secretary in writing at least one week before the meeting.


Events and Meetings!

These are now gradually starting up again after being suspended for around a year and a half.
We currently have dates in the diary for:

These are all listed on the Diary page.

We have also announced a date for the Annual General Meeting.
This will be on Sunday 5th September.
A full notice will appear here shortly.



Members` Day

This will be the first social event we have been able to hold for a year and a half.
To say thank you to members for their continuing support, we are holding a MEMBERS` DAY  on SATURDAY 31st JULY.

RC+GD Also - not announced in advance - a presentation to say thank you to Richard Council, who has stood down as club secretary after 5 years in the job, during which time he has seen us safely through a difficult period.

Linda Bratley is acting as secretary until elections can be held at the Annual Meeting.

updated 10/8/21 with photo of the event

"Freedom Day"

Covid19- OR so it has been described by our "government".  From today (Monday 19th July) almost all the legal restrictions associated with Covid-19 have been removed.  This means it is now up to us to decide how we want to run the club and how we keep it as safe as possible for our members and guests.  The committee has met to consider this and, bearing in mind that our operations up to now appear to have been successful in containing the virus, has decided as follows:

These arrangements will be kept under review.


Reopen 1705

We`re back!

As planned, we are now up and running again.

Opening times 7 to 11pm. daily except Saturday, when it will be 12 midday to 11pm.

The last picture from inside the club was immediately before closure last November.  These are immediately after reopening yesterday.

We have already started to get enquiries about booking rooms for meetings.  We have sadly had to say no - this is a reminder that, just for now, the club is open for social purposes only.  In line with official guidance, social groups are limited to 6 people.  When we are able to book meetings again, this site will let you know.

Reopen 1705

I am delighted to report that the beer is on fine form.
A beer list can be found on the Facebook page.  It can also now be found online at  www.realalefinder.com , where you can see what is on now and coming soon.


(Updated 22/5/21 with Realalefinder link)

All systems go...

Reopen 1705

Yes - we are open again from Monday 17th May 2021.

We are delighted to confirm that we will be welcoming our comrades and friends again.  Opening times 7 to 11pm. every day except Saturday, when it will be 12 midday to 11pm.

To minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus, special rules will be in place.  These are spelt out in full on notices in the club, but here is a summary.

We hope to be able to advertise a beer list on the Facebook page.


Light at the end of the tunnel ?

Covid19It feels like an awfully long time, which is probably because it HAS been an awfully long time, but we can now say that, barring any last minute problems, the club will reopen on Monday 17th May 2021.

As it was when we were last open in 2020, there will be special rules in place, which we expect to be very similar to those we adopted last year.  More detail to follow...


Welcome back ??

Covid19So, it`s the first update in three months.  There has been nothing to report, but it`s time to change the latest greeting from "Happy new year" to "Happy Easter".

As the pandemic drags on, we are all pining for the club and, with the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, the committee are looking at a possible timescale for reopening.

Whilst we are as keen as anybody to see all our friends and comrades again, we will be cautious about it.  We will follow all rules and official guidance and will open when we consider it safe - not just anytime when our apology for a government says we can open. 

Any time in April is not under consideration as nobody could be served indoors and we do not have adequate facilities outdoors.  The earliest possible date would be sometime in the second half of May.  Club officers are reviewing the situation continuously and will make detailed proposals to the committee later this month.  This site will keep you up to date with developments.


Happy New Year everybody

Covid19So it`s out with the old, in with - er - a load more of the same s#*t!

Still no sign of an end to the current situation and no hint of a reopening date, but we are still here and we will be back.

Meanwhile, Happy new year to all our members, families and friends.  Stay safe and we will see you "soon".


End of LOCKDOWN ??

Covid19The club officers have been monitoring the situation relating to the tier structure applying to our region and can advise that, from Thursday 3rd December, we will be in tier 3.  This does not allow us to trade in any meaningful way, which means that that we will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

The Government could not make this announcement without issuing the details online before they were made in the House of Commons - and then the website crashed.  They are incompetence on a truly epic scale - but that`s not telling you anything new is it?

As always, watch this space for latest announcements.



Covid19So here we are again - back where we were in April.  Just in case anyone wasn`t paying attention, the national lockdown starts 5th November (Today) and the club is CLOSED.  Here is a picture from yesterday evening with just over 2 hours to go before we shut. Apologies to those who arrived a bit later and had to be turned away due to limitation of the numbers allowed in.

We`ll meet again . . .  just don`t know when at this stage.  National lockdown continues until 2nd December according to latest announcements.  Will it finish then ?? And if so, which tier of the previous regulations will apply to this area?  The committee will watch developments and decide when we can reopen - and this website will report it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I will occupy myself with some updates on the "Odds & Sods" page of this site, with a bit of comment on what`s happening in the big bad world outside the Shed.



Covid19Things are moving fast.  Since the announcement of "Tier 3" status for West Yorkshire from 2nd November, we have now had a further announcement about the national lockdown from 5th November (Thursday).  This has superseded the previous announcement.  See this from the Wakefield Council website for more detail.  It means we can now remain open until 4th November (Wednesday).  In practice this means just one extra day as we are not open on Monday & Tuesday (but see below).

Second update today.....

Just for this week, we will open on Monday and Tuesday as well - usual times : 18.00 - 22.00

Watch this space in case of any further changes.


Here We Go Again

Covid19The feeble efforts of our "government" to control this virus mean it is on the rampage again.  So, in spite of our efforts over the last 3 months to provide a safe environment for socialising and drinking, we are forced to shut down again as the whole of West Yorkshire enters "tier 3" of the Covid regulations. 

Our last session for the time being will be Sunday 1st November, when we will extend our hours to open from 12 noon through to 10pm.  After that, ??????????????  watch this space for latest announcements.

As we did during the previous period of lockdown, we will honour the commitment to our staff that they will be paid at normal rates (ie. `Living wage` as defined by the TUC) during this closure.

As always, keep yourselves safe and well and we will try to keep you up to date with Club matters going forward.


More Covid-19 changes

Covid19Another week, another U-turn in the shambolic efforts of this Tory "Government" to control the pandemic, and there are some altered regulations which we must observe.
Earlier closing time (10pm.  Obviously the virus only works a night shift!) but most days we will open earlier.
  Last orders at 9.20  and no drinks served after 9.30pm.
Face coverings must be worn inside the club, except when sat at a table drinking.
The rest is little changed from our existing arrangements.
See the UK Government website for a general summary.

There are no changes to advertised opening dates at the moment, but it feels like it did back in March of this year - things are moving fast, so watch this space for latest announcements - we will try to keep up with it all.

 K e e p    y o u r     d i s t a n c e  ,   wash your hands :-)   Stay safe  and, just for now, have a drink at the Shed


Red Shed Players: "SIC K"

Red Shed Players

Our homegrown band of entertainers, the Red Shed Players, have completed their latest production “SIC K".  Probably the most serious piece of work the group have yet done, the play is about the appalling way our benefit system treats people with disabilities.  It was inspired by real experiences of people at St Catherine’s Foodbank and Kirklees Law Centre, also by Frances Ryan’s book “Crippled”.

You can follow the development of “SIC K" on the Red Shed Players website.  Originally designed as a stage play, it has turned into a filmed production due to the difficulty of arranging performances during the Covid-19 period.  It is now available to watch on YouTube.

If you would like to support the group`s work, you can: 

20/9/20 (+ added detail 22/9/20)

Covid-19 latest

Covid19The virus seems to be surging again, as predicted by many.  Yesterday`s announcement by the Prime Monster about new restrictions on social gatherings has just sown even more confusion.  As described on the UK Government website, social gatherings of more than 6 people will be illegal from next Monday 14th September.

We were starting to use the club for organised events (limited attendance, invitation only) on Monday and Tuesday evenings when the club was otherwise closed.  This would include, for example, a committee meeting.  Any such events will now have to be cancelled.  However, we see nothing (yet) in the new regulations to prevent us from opening the club as normal under the Special temporary rules (see below) that we have adopted since 23rd July.

So, no change to advertised opening arrangements at the moment, but watch this space for latest announcements.


Club A.G.M.

Covid19According to club rules, we must hold an Annual General Meeting in May of each year to receive reports and accounts, elect a committee and officers for the next year, and debate any motions submitted by members.  Thanks to lockdown, we have obviously been unable to comply with this rule, so the committee have been considering how to proceed under the circumstances.

Any general meeting must be open for all paid-up club members to attend.  Since reopening, we have had to limit the number of people on the premises to 30 at any time, which would cause a major problem in the event that more than that number were to turn up, so we have reluctantly decided that we are unable to hold an A.G.M. at present.  The existing committee and officers will carry on running the club until further notice, which probably means until next year`s A.G.M.

AGM NoticeIn view of the unprecedented circumstances, we are seeking feedback from the membership on this issue.
A notice is on display in the club, advertising a four week consultation period, starting on 19th August.

Updated with link to notice 25/8/20

Beer Glass

Beer Glasses

The arrangements we adopted for running the club on reopening after lockdown were generally well received.... except for one.
To restrict opportunities for spreading the virus  we were serving drinks in single use plastic glasses.  We recognised that, whilst this was good for hygiene, it was terrible for the environment (even if they were collected for recycling), and not popular with drinkers.

The committee had been talking for some time about installing a glass washer.  We have now moved quickly to get one, which is up and running, so we can now serve drinks in proper glasses again.

Picture added 16/8/20

Rugby League on TV

Trinity logo

So we announced that we would be open on Sunday from 3pm for St. Helens v Wakefield Trinity, then found that the fixtures had been rehashed.  Trinity are now playing Catalans on Saturday afternoon, when we are open anyway.  We will still open as advertised on Sunday afternoon for Saints v Castleford (16.15) followed by Wigan v Leeds (18.30)
As posted earlier, we will try to open for all live broadcasts of Trinity matches - if we can keep up with the fixture lists!


Extended opening

Covid19After three weeks of opening Thur.-Sat., when the arrangements seem to be working well and are getting general approval, we now feel confident enough to add Wednesday and Sunday to the days we will open.

This will start from Wednesday this week 12th August.  Quiz night in its familiar format will not be possible, but we will experiment with ways that this popular weekly event can work, starting with a mini-quiz.

On Sundays, now that Rugby League has resumed, we will vary the normal opening times to fit with significant matches which we will show on TV.  This week we will open 3pm to 10pm (Saints v Wakefield Trinity kicks off at 16.15).  When possible, we will open at times when a Trinity match is being shown live.

Meetings can still not be restarted, so the diary page will be used to list opening times.

We are making minor changes to the Special temporary rules (see below).  Admission will still be essentially for club members, but members may now sign in guests.

N.B. as always, things can change at short notice if the virus flares up.  Watch this space for updates.

10/8/20  (+ added detail 11/8/20)

Reopening Update

Covid19And the reopening date will be:

 Thursday 23rd July.  Opening time 7.00pm.

For an initial period we plan to open on Thursday, Friday & Saturday only.  This will allow the committee the chance to review the operation and make any necessary changes before the following week.

Special temporary rules will be in operation.  These are the main points to note:

Please note: all of these arrangements will be kept under constant review and may change at short notice.
More detail to follow.



Covid19On the 23rd June the government announced the latest stage of relaxation of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, allowing more businesses to reopen from 4th July.  The list of these includes pubs, bars, cafes and social clubs.

There is nothing we would like more than to go back to working normally, but we want to be a hotbed for radical politics, not a hotbed for the Covid-19 virus.  The risk of a second wave of infection is high and, if you have been reading any of the links to alternative news media recommended by this site, you will know why we are (to put it politely) sceptical about any official guidance from this tory government.  We have been watching the news, including reports of schools and pubs which have been forced to shut down again very soon after reopening.  There is also the possibility of local lockdowns.  Wakefield is one of the areas that have been mentioned as candidates for this, although the council`s website tells us that the risk of this is relatively low at the moment.

So, as reported on this site over the last fortnight, we have been cautious about announcing a date for reopening, but have been planning for it.  The club officers have been working on a risk assessment in consultation with the committee, club employees and volunteers who help to run the club.  This is now more or less complete, and we expect to make an announcement about  a reopening date within the next few days, along with the special conditions and rules which will allow it.


This page last updated: 6th September 2021

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