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Red Shed in the news again

Excellent article by Thomas Frank who visited the Shed recently.  Read it at
9th June 2016 


New furniture in the Shed

Do you like our new tables ?
Theresa May would love them  because they are STRONG and STABLE - just like she endlessly parrots as the virtues (sic.) of this
Tory government.
Being narrower than the ones they replaced, they allow more gangway to get through the club.
Oh and did I mention that they`re STRONG ? - er - and STABLE ?
5th May 2017


Here`s the latest club newsletter  with reports on recent events and news of upcoming ones.
This is the last
issue for this 50th anniversary year.
Paper copies are in the club - or click here to see it

The previous two issues of "Shedloads" are also still here :
October-November 2016 issue
September 2016 issue
4th December 2016

Racism/Xenophobia in the club

This is a news item that we deeply regret having to put here - but recently a sticker was found in the cubicle in the gents` toilet which read "Speak english or die".
The club totally condemns the use of such offensive and inflammatory language.  We proudly announce to the world that we are a socialist organisation.  This means, amongst other things, that we recognise the fundamental equality of all human beings.  We are very tolerant of differences between people, but there are limits ; we cannot tolerate those who are themselves so intolerant.  We do not discriminate against or threaten anybody on grounds of gender, race, nationality etc., so we will take action against anyone who tries to use the club for such a purpose, or incites others to do so.

This incident comes in the wake of other disturbing developments :
* The murder of Jo Cox MP in Batley by a fascist sympathiser,
* A reported rise in racist and xenophobic violence following the EU referendum result,
* The murder of a polish man in Essex,
* Since that time, the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA following a campaign including some appalling divisive rhetoric,
which all emphasises why we take this with the utmost seriousness.  If it is possible to identify the perpetrator, he will be barred from entering the club (if a visitor) or will be subject to disciplinary proceedings, almost certainly leading to expulsion (if a club member).

Are you a Human being ?  Do you come from planet Earth ?  You`re welcome here.
"We all have far more in common with each other than that which divides us"  [Jo Cox MP]  
13th Nov. 2016 

We are 50 !

And still going strong !  We have had a lot of interest in the Shed from local and national press and broadcasters.
 This is what the Wakefield Express printed about us.
26th Sep. 2016 

Fighting for CrumbsCrumbs

This is a project by a number of artists from this region giving their reaction to Government imposed austerity cuts.  We had an exhibition of artwork by John Ledger - one of those involved - during August.  Some of this has since been taken over to Liverpool and displayed at a sideshow to the Labour Party conference.    Read more.
26th Sep. 2016 

We are once again the RED Shed.  The outside has been repainted.  This photo of it in grey undercoat on 7th August apparently got viewed over 1000 times on the Facebook page !  Thank you to all those members who turned out to help.
24th Aug. 2016 

The Shed has been recognised as an "Asset of Community Value" (ACV).  Our tenure has not always been totally secure, so having this status is an important step forward in assuring our future.  Many thanks to those who nominated us (Wakefield CAMRA in particular)


On Monday 5th September, the project to create a written history of the people and politics of the Red Shed was launched.
Supported by former Wakefield M.P, David Hinchliffe and local historian and author Ian Clayton, sessions to involve the past and present members and campaigners, who have made Labour Club history and promoted socialism, will be established to document the Red Shed’s living heritage. This project has been awarded support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  More info in this News Release.
We organised a series of workshops during September, led by Ian Clayton, to collect the stories and memories of the people and organisations who have used the Club since it first opened in 1966.  The result of this will be published in December.
The launch event is on Sunday 18/12/16 from 7pm. onwards.
Copies of the book will be available - price £5.00
29th Aug. 2016  (updated 4th December)

50th Anniversary Special events

The official opening of this club was 24th September 1966, so we are having a big party during September, but there are special events throughout the year.  Here are some of the highlights :

Tue. 16th Feb.
Guardian columnist and author of "Chavs" & "The Establishment".
Tickets for this event sold out very quickly after going on sale -
Due to its huge popularity we will try to invite Owen back sometime soon.
Sat. 20th &
Sun. 21st Feb.
"CORBYN HOOD" - a Pantomime.
If you missed it in the shed and on the WORLD TOUR - tough.
But the Players will be doing some other things during the year. 
Next : Mayday Cabaret - then something in September for the anniversary.

Tue. 8th Mar.
As seen in TV`s "Red Dwarf" and "Scrapheap Challenge".
Sorry - this event is cancelled  due to filming on "Red Dwarf"
which will still be happening on this date.
We are rearranging it later in the year - New date 15th July.
* Anyone who has already bought tickets, please fetch them back for refund  or exchange for the new date.
Mon. 18th Apr.
Standup comedian
- Triple Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, presenter of Radio 4`s Short Cuts and cult optimist.
Involved with the anti-tax evasion campaign UK Uncut.

Sat. 7th May
Radical punk poetry & thrash mandola.

Sat. 11th June
Songs, stories & silliness with the Bolton Bullfrog

Fri. 15th July
Rearranged from 8th March

Fri. 12th +
Sat. 13th Aug.
Fighting for Crumbs
Documentary & art exhibition about artists` response to Government imposed austerity.  More detail here
Sat. 24th Sept.
Long awaited reunion of this popular local folk rock band.
Sun. 25th Sept.
(with the Red Shed Players)  No introduction needed !
Sorry this event sold out before we had any chance to publicise it.
Mark is featuring the Red Shed in his latest show, currently on tour around the country.
Sun. 9th October
Political event
Guest speaker  John McDonnell (Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer)
Fri. 21st October
Richard Burgon MP
a "Pizza & Politics" event organised by Young Labour
See poster
Tue. 25th October
Wakefield & District
Trades Council

125th Anniversary
Special event with guest speaker.
Matt Wrack  (General secretary, FBU)
(was to be a double bill with Mark Serwotka [PCS] - sorry he is unavailable due to ill-health)
Thur. 10th November
Arthur Scargill
"The case for Socialism"
In association with the Trades Council.
Sometime soon (TBA.)
The KIRKBY BEATS KirkbyBeats
Frequent performers here -
Playing music that was popular in the 1960s when this club opened.


Red Shed 50 T-Shirts

This year`s special T-Shirts are on sale in the club.
Range of sizes : S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
(Fattist comment edited out :-)

Red Shed signs up to White Ribbon campaign

WhiteRibbonThe White Ribbon Music Project aims to ensure safety of women at music venues, events and festivals. We ask organisers to encourage people to sign the pledge to:
Never commit, condone or remain silent about violence to women 
After an increase in violence to women in society - and certainly an increase in reported incidents at music events The White Ribbon Campaign created its White Ribbon Music Project. The idea is for the music industry - performers, event organisers, agents, managers etc to help by:

This is about the music industry showing it is responsible and cares about its audience. We work closely with other agencies such as Safe Gigs for Women and Respect

The White Ribbon Music Project is only a few months old but has had a presence at Musicport, Beverley Folk Festival, Cloudspotting, Ambition, Fleetwood Folk and Blues, Holywell Green Festival, Mugstock, Hebden Bridge Folk Roots among others. Our first venue to sign up was The Hebden Bridge Trades Club.
I hope you'll join them. Please get in touch and we can discuss how your events can be part of the music industry's response to rising violence to women and help make our events safer.
We firmly believe that all music events should be fun and people should have a great time - this is not about preaching, it is about making gigs and festivals more enjoyable.
Many local authorities and police forces have shown support for the idea. Police in particular have shown they are keen to see venues and festivals join us as it shows organisers are taking responsible action. Let's work together to make Yorkshire a White Ribbon Music county.
More info at http://www.whiteribboncampaign.co.uk/
29th March 2016

Sky TV

As a Labour Club (& not a "New Labour" Club) we had serious misgivings about contributing to the profits of Rupert Murdoch`s media empire.  However, Sky TV has the broadcasting rights to a lot of sports really sewn up, including our favourite sport around here - Rugby League.  So we have signed up to this for a year - to be reviewed in the light of its success in attracting people in to the club.  For some events, we may open for longer hours.  Details of this and of featured matches will be advertised in the club, probably on the Facebook page, and possibly here on the website if I can keep up with it. .

5th January 2015

Change to opening times

We are now open all day on Saturdays 11am to midnight.
This was originally for a 3 month experimental period from 29th November 2014,  It has now been extended until further notice.
Other days of the week unchanged (open evenings only from 7pm.)

29th November 2014 - Updated June 2015

Find us on Facebook

Our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/theredshedwakefield has been running since December 2013. It is being updated frequently and is now the main place to find up to date news on events in the club.

19th October 2014

Free WiFi

We have installed a wireless router in the shed, so there is now a local hotspot for WiFi here.
This is free for users of the club. Ask at the bar for the password to log on to this service.




On the last Saturday of each month we have a Ceilidh / open mike night run by the organisers of Wakefield Folk & Music Festival .
RedShedRedShedStarting time 8.30 pm (-ish) . Admission Free . All welcome .
Please fetch along your voices & any musical instruments you would like to play and join in (or just listen & enjoy).

The organisers of this event also hold regular informal jam sessions. These are usually on alternate Monday evenings but may vary. Dates are shown on the diary page.


Quiz Night is a regular feature in the club diary .
It is every Wednesday evening , starting at 9.15pm.
Entry is 50p per person .
Winner gets a fistful of Red Shed beer tokens .

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