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This page lists advertised live music events in the club with named artists.

Also don`t forget our regular events run by the organisers of Wakefield Folk Festival:
🎤 Open Mic night on the last Saturday of each month, and fortnightly jam sessions. These are shown in the Diary page.

If you want to book a gig, or need a room for a practice session, get in touch.

Coming soon
Month Date Artist(s) Notes
September 25th Punk night
September 17th The Cheats
Part of
Wakefield Live Festival
September 10th The Tinderbox Experience
Blues/Alternative Rock.
Original material from Wakefield`s newest father & son band
August 26th Philophobia
Promoting local bands -
featuring Samh and Pelydron

Recent (2022)
Month Date Artist(s) Notes
August 13th Attila the Stockbroker
July 22nd David Rovics

Songs of protest
July 21st The Bleeding Obvious
(Edinburgh Festival Fringe warm-up show)
July  9th Matinee Punk Collective
July  2nd The Bard Company, Joe Solo, Sally Cinnamon
June 12th ORB Jazz trio
June 11th Sound Quarry
June  3rd The Cheats Indie classics from the `80s & `90s.
May 15th The 189-ers All acoustic “punk-country-folk”songs with a message.
May 14th Sally Cinnamon (part of "With Banners Held High")
May 12th Leeds Jazz Orchestra
May  1st Nicky, Grog (with Red Shed Players)
April 28th Steve Suffet, Mike Glick, Aleksi Glick (From Peoples` Voice Cafe, New York City)
April 24th ORB Jazz trio
April 16th Terror Cult, Glitchers, Tower Place, Skiprat (Ukraine benefit)
February 19th Long Division
January 15th The Cheats
January  2nd Dave, Grog, Nicky & friends

Month Date Artist(s) Notes
December 19th The 189-ers
December  5th Philophobia
December  4th Sound Quarry
November 19th Billy Liar, Withered Hand
November  7th Otis Gibbs
September 10th Skiprat, the Krayons

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