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This page lists advertised live music events in the club with named artists.

[Open Mic]

Also don`t forget our regular events run by the organisers of Wakefield Folk Festival:
🎤 Open Mic night on the last Saturday of each month, and fortnightly jam sessions. These are shown in the Diary page.

If you want to book a gig, or need a room for a practice session, get in touch.

Coming soon
Month Date Artist(s) Notes
Aug. 2nd Mrs. R`s Retro Roadshow
Disco as it used to be.
July 13th Matinee Punx Jeff Caudill
Honey Joy
Fast Blood
Surface Waves
Last Seasons Winners
- All day gig - starting 4pm.
June 21st The Krayons
plus guests
Coney Island Jesus
Class Tourists

Punk Rock band

Recent (2024)
Month Date Artist(s) Notes
June 8th The Tony Foster Band
plus special guests

Fundraising event for Wakefield City of Sanctuary
(Promoting and encouraging the inclusion of refugees and sanctuary seekers in the Wakefield District)
June 7th Mrs. R`s Retro Roadshow
Vinyl disco with Jess Rowbottom
June 1st Aries
May 11th Underdrive Johnny

Rock & pop classics played acoustically

Part of With Banners Held High
May 10th Uncle Paf
with Fred Sheriff

Part of With Banners Held High fringe event
April 20th Peculiar Blue
Plus support - Tricia Longford
April 19th Joe Solo
Part of the Sledgehammer tour
April 7th Matinee Punx
Toronto Blessings

Note - Afternoon gig - 14.00 start
March 16th Sound Quarry

Plus special guest Clayton Devanney

Punk influenced band creating original songs for this modern era.

Fundraiser for Medical Aid for Palestinians
February 25th Riversmeet Strummers
"New tricks by old dogs"
an eclectic mix of folk and Pop
February 18th Lemon Road Band
February 16th Rhubarb Rocks
Vinyl disco with Jess Rowbottom
February 10th The Fabulous Mustard Brothers
January 20th Peculiar Blue
Plus support : Daisy Dorothy
20.30 start

See more
Month Date Artist(s) Notes
December 23rd Sally Cinnamon
Eclectic range of covers and singalong classics.
December 22nd Retro Vinyl Disco
70s/80s/90s dance night with added xmas cheese.
Hosted by Jess Rowbottom (of "the Bleedin` Obvious")
December 9th Matinee Punx
Geoffrey Oi!cott
Penny and the Sausages
Cathode Ray and the Testcard Babies
December 3rd Ukulele Sunday
An afternoon of ukulele music from our regular (Tuesday evenings) group.
December 2nd Sound Quarry

plus support from Peculiar Blue

Punk influenced band creating original songs for this modern era.
November 26th Michał Obrębski Acoustic guitar.
From Poznań, Poland. Check out some of his music on his you tube channel.
This gig was arranged thanks to a connection with Janek Pentz - one of the duo who wowed the audience here in March 2023.
November 17th The Bard Company
"We Shall Overcome"

With Joe Solo
and Sally Cinnamon
November 12th Johnny Campbell
''A Modern-Day Billy Bragg''
- Tradfolk
November 11th Matinee Punx
Parallel Worlds
Velvet Fist
Surface Waves
November 3rd Attila the Stockbroker
Ranting verse, Thrash mandola, Dub
October 15th Shed 7"s
OK - not live music -
a vinyl open deck session

hosted by Jess Rowbotham
(of the Bleeding Obvious)
and her Retro Roadshow.
September 29th Steve Suffet
From Peoples` Voice Cafe,
New York City

With Russ Chandler
September 23rd Matinee Punx
Weekend Faithful
Tiger Island
August 5th Peculiar Blue
With Special Guest: Grog
August 1st Long Division
Rory & The Nature Kids
July 30th Riversmeet Strummers
"New tricks by old dogs"
an eclectic mix of folk and Pop
July 23rd Emma Flowers - Cancelled - (Sorry!)
July 8th Matinee Punx
Be Fair
Character Actors
Last Season`s Winners
June 25th Rich Man`s Kurse Featuring Rich (of the 189-ers , appearing by himself)
Tongue-in-cheek Socialist Folk originals and rebel classics
with support from:
Columna Connolly (Rebel Folk)
"Taken for Granted" (Folky Diamond Rebel Pop Oldies)
Poems by Dick Loughborough
June 11th David Rovics
Songs of Protest
Accompanied by Kamala Emmanuel
Support from Isaac Hughes-Dennis
June 10th Matinee Punx

In association with
Long Division Festival
June 2nd Calum Baird
Indie-folk/folk-rock singer-songwriter, stopping off at the Red Shed en route from Scotland to Glastonwick festival.
May 13th The 189-ers
All acoustic “punk-country-folk” songs with a message.
16.00 start
May 13th Sally Cinnamon
Part of "With Banners Held High"
19.30 onwards
May 12th Gary McVeigh-Kaye Part of "With Banners Held High"
April 8th The Bard Company
Songs from their new album "Northern Powerhouse"
April 2nd Matinee Punk Collective

Diaz Brothers
Surface Waves - substitute -
Holy Homes - unavailable

Back Teeth
March 18th "Plastic Paddy"
Irish music for St. Patrick`s Day
March 12th Sally Cinnamon
part of our (extended) celebration of International Womens` Day
March 5th Pete Rosser and friends
Zubek & Pentz
- the Piazzolla Duo

From Poland - one of only two gigs on their UK tour!
Celebrating the centenary of Astor Piazzolla
March 4th Bazza Bee
Recently appeared as support for "Tinderbox Experience" and was very good - now he has his own gig
February 18th Underdrive Johnny

Rock & pop classics played acoustically
January 21st The Cheats Indie Classics from the `80s & `90s - bands such as The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Ocean Colour Scene, The Farm, Oasis, Supergrass, The Cure, Blur, Reef, Stereophonics, The LA’s, Primal Scream, REM, The Smiths, James, The Levellers, Cast, Joy Division, Cornershop, The Strokes.
January 15th Red Shed Players
Another chance to see
"A Cost of Living Crisis Xmas Carol"
plus music, sketches etc.
January 14th Sound Quarry
Punk influenced band creating original songs for this modern era.
January 8th Pete Rosser & Friends
from "Caravanserai"

Folk music from various parts of Europe... To get some idea of the versatility of this group, try listening here:

Month Date Artist(s) Notes
December 18th
Red Shed Players
An Evening with Red Shed Television -


Now also an extra show on 15th Jan. 2023
December 17th The Tinderbox Experience
Blues/Alternative Rock.
Original material from Wakefield`s newest father & son band
December 11th The 189-ers All acoustic “punk-country-folk” songs with a message.
December 10th The Bleeding Obvious
Christmas Party
December 3rd Matinee Punk Collective
Lewis Burner,
Bear Away,
Tiger Island.
(Short-notice change of lineup)
November 19th The Hunch Acoustic Irish, Folk, Americana, Blues & Latin music with a generous dash of humour.
Fundraiser for Medicine for Palestine
October 22nd Matinee Punk Collective
Nervous Twitch,
Surface Waves,
Johnny Cosmic & the Night Terrors
October 15th The Bard Company
Jess Silk
Emma Flowers
Sally Cinnamon
September 25th Matinee Punk Collective

Misfortune Cookie,
Foxes Faux,
Tiger Island
September 17th Jez Howard (from The Cheats) Part of Alzheimers charity fundraiser event -
associated with Wakefield Live Festival
September 10th The Tinderbox Experience Blues/Alternative Rock.
August 26th Philophobia
Promoting local bands -
featuring Samh and Pelydron
August 13th Attila the Stockbroker
Ranting verse, Thrash mandola, Dub
July 22nd David Rovics Songs of protest
July 21st The Bleeding Obvious (Edinburgh Festival Fringe warm-up show)
July   9th Matinee Punk Collective Eye to Eye
Captain Shitbeard
Last Season`s Winners
July  2nd The Bard Company With Joe Solo & Sally Cinnamon
June 12th ORB Jazz trio
June 11th Sound Quarry
June  3rd The Cheats
May 15th The 189-ers All acoustic “punk-country-folk” songs with a message.
May 14th Sally Cinnamon (part of "With Banners Held High")
May 12th Leeds Jazz Orchestra
May   1st Nicky, Grog (with Red Shed Players)
April 28th Steve Suffet, Mike Glick, Aleksi Glick (From Peoples` Voice Cafe, New York City)
April 24th ORB Jazz trio
April 16th Terror Cult, Glitchers, Tower Place, Skiprat (Ukraine benefit)
February 19th Long Division
January 15th The Cheats
January   2nd Dave, Grog, Nicky & friends

Month Date Artist(s) Notes
December 19th The 189-ers
December   5th Philophobia
December   4th Sound Quarry
November 19th Billy Liar, Withered Hand
November  7th Otis Gibbs Check out this nice video on YouTube
September 10th Skiprat, the Krayons

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