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February 2024
Day Date Event Start time Notes
Thur.  1st Black Horse Poets 19.30
Fri.  2nd
Sat.  3rd 🌹 Labour party - Wakefield North ward 20.00 Social/Quiz
Sun.  4th
Mon.  5th VIPs 19.30
Tue.  6th 🎵 Ukulele group 19.30
Wed.  7th 🌹 Labour party - Wakefield East ward 19.00
Quiz night 21.10
Thur.  8th RMT Healey Mills 19.00
Fri.  9th
Sat. 10th 🎵 The Fabulous Mustard Brothers 20.00
Sun. 11th Club Committee 19.30
Mon. 12th 🎵 Acoustic music 19.30
Tue. 13th 🎵 Ukulele group 19.30
Wed. 14th Wakefield & District TUC 19.00
Quiz night 21.10
Thur. 15th With Banners Held High 19.00
Fri. 16th Rhubarb Festival 13.00
🎵 Rhubarb Rocks 19.00 Bring & Play Disco with Jess R.
Sat. 17th Rhubarb Festival all day Rhubarb with everything - with Karen Wright (from "Great British Bake Off)
Sun. 18th 🎵 Lemon Road Band 16.30
Mon. 19th VIPs 19.30
Tue. 20th 🌹 Labour party - Wakefield North ward
Wed.  21st 🌹 Labour party - Wakefield South ward 19.00
Quiz night 21.10
Thur. 22nd
Fri. 23rd
Sat. 24th Socialist Historians 13.00
🎵 🎤 Open Mic. night 20.30
Sun. 25th 🎵 Riversmeet Strummers ?
Mon. 26th 🎵 Acoustic music 19.30
Tue. 27th 🎵 Ukulele group 19.30
Wed.  28th 🌹 Labour party - Wakefield West ward 19.00
Quiz night 21.10
Thur. 29th Black Horse Poets 19.30

Diary for March coming soon

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Open Mic. Open Mic.

On the last Saturday of each month we have a Ceilidh / open mic night run by the organisers of Wakefield Folk & Music Festival.
Starting time 8.30 pm (-ish).
Admission Free.
All welcome.
Please fetch along your voices & any musical instruments you would like to play and join in (or just listen & enjoy).
The organisers of this event also hold regular informal jam sessions.   These are usually on alternate Monday evenings - dates shown in the diary section.


Quiz Night is a regular and popular feature in the club diary.
It is every Wednesday evening, starting at 9.10pm.
Entry is £1 per person.
Winner gets a fistful of Red Shed beer tokens.


We hope we are now clear of the curse of Covid, but the club committee reserve the right to change events and opening times at short notice if required for protection against coronavirus.

Items highlighted in red have changed since the diary for this month was first published.

Times, where shown, are in the 24 hour clock:  19.00 = 7.00pm.

This page can only be as accurate or as detailed as the information shown in the diary behind the club bar, on which it is based.  If you spot something here that needs adding or changing, or if you would like a bit of publicity for your event in the Shed, let me know about it.  e-mail info *at* the red shed . org . uk
(Note:   delete   all   the   spaces   & replace *at* with @ ... Sorry! Anti-spam measure)

FB The latest updates on events in the club are on our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/theredshedwakefield

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