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Please mention the website if you have come into the club after finding out about us on this site.

I recently had a lovely e-mail telling me that this is the worst website on all of the internet.  Hey - maybe we could win an award for that :-)  Well - we`ve won plenty of awards for the beer !   My correspondent was not specific - he just said it was crap - so please send in your suggestions for how this site can be made even worse.
Seriously, I can think of a number of ways of making it worse.  It could be a fancy, flashy thing with all sorts of bells and whistles that are there just for show.  It could have too many graphics and pictures which obscure and distract from the information content.  It could be bloated in size and so convoluted in its layout that it would be unreliable and slow to use, making it difficult to find the information you`re seeking. There are more than enough websites like that.
Do you want fancy ? If so, the Red Shed (and its website) is probably not the place for you.  "Keep it simple" is the watchword here.
<End Rant>

Things to do

Here is a list (in no particular order) of possible upgrades to this site which I have in mind, and may get around to doing at some time.

Any other ideas ?? Feel free to make suggestions.

DISCLAIMER : No liability accepted for errors & omissions - but we will try to make the site as accurate and up to date as reasonably practicable.
Spotted anything that needs changing or adding ?   e-mail info@theredshed.org.uk   [Please include "Website" in the subject line of the e-mail to make it less likely I will miss it]

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This page updated 22nd Nov. 2016


(most recent updates at top of list)

11th Nov. 2016 :  New page for Wakefield Momentum
2nd May 2016 :   New page for "Frack-Free Wakefield District

11th January 2016 ;  Two new pages added :  Wakefield + District Trades Council & Left Book Club

November 2015 ; Started to move picture files into a separate folder to make editing easier.  If pictures don`t display properly, it`s likely to be links not updated.

30h November 2014 ; New page for Red Shed Players (pantomime crew)

18th August 2014 ; After a quiet period with few updates, start of a revamp for the site with a view to monthly updates. General update with removal of some out-of-date stuff.  Beer list moved to the Facebook page.

4th January 2014 ; Various pages updated for the first time in a few weeks (due to heavy workload in the day job during the runup to Christmas & New Year).   Only the most recent changes are now shown on the front page - the update history has moved to the "About this Website" page.

1st December 2013 ; New (reactivated) page "Picture Gallery". Not a lot of pictures in it yet, but more will follow

30th November 2013 ; Socialist Historians` page expanded, including stuff about the 1984-85 Miners` Strike

27th November 2013 ; The Beer List has been reactivated

26th November 2013 ; New page for "We are Wakefield" [anti-fascist campaign group] linked to the "Associated" page

17th November 2013 ; New page : "Odds & Sods" for stuff that doesn`t fit anywhere else

27th October 2013 ; New page for Socialist Historians linked to the "Associated" page

18th October 2013 ; E-Mail contact added to "Details" page. Started work on a new "Associated" page, plus various updates

10th October 2013 ; News about the site moved to a new "About" page, plus various other bits updated

14th September 2013 ; Old webpages (which were still in existence) brought out, dusted down and slightly updated at short notice as a replacement. It is rather basic, but we hope to have something more comprehensive online soon. Carry on visiting the website . . . . and carry on visiting the club and drinking the beer !
Mid-June 2013 ; Site taken off-line following resignation of the webmaster.

Late 2004 (approx.) ;  New webmaster took over and redesigned the site

April 2002 ; Website first created.

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