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Opened 1966

Welcome to the Website for Wakefield Labour Club

This unique institution is an unpretentious wooden building on the edge of the city centre.

Inside is a meeting place and social club, including a multi-award winning bar.

You can come here for a meeting (we have rooms available for hire at very reasonable prices).
You can come here for a chat (doesn't have to be about politics - but that's not a dirty word here!)
Or you can come for a pint of some of the best beer in Wakefield (at very reasonable prices).

The club and bar are open to members, their guests and people attending events in our meeting rooms.
Visitors are also welcome (normally - but if you read further you will see it is members only during these abnormal times).

Recognised as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).

Virus Virus Having been closed from the 21st March to 22nd July 2020 for the duration of the lockdown to inhibit the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we are now OPEN again, but with restricted opening times  and with special rules in force
  - See the News and Diary pages for details.
Meetings and other events are still cancelled until further notice.


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