JCMomentum grew out of the campaign to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party during the summer of 2015 and has grown rapidly.  The grassroots group was established on Thursday 8 October 2015 to build on the energy and the enthusiasm of Jeremy Corbynís leadership campaign.

Momentum has been a hive of activity in its first year, setting up a grassroots network that campaigns and organises to build a more democratic and equal society.  Momentum aims to make the Labour Party more democratic, radical and participatory  so that the Partyís massively increased membership can be active in every community, putting forward Labourís ambitious plan to rebuild and transform Britain.
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Momentum now has over 150 local groups across the UK.  Wakefield group is in the process of formation and is awaiting recognition from headquarters.  It has already joined forces with Wakefield TUC and local trade union branches to campaign to save the NHS from Tory government attacks on 26/11/16 and organise a fundraising benefit gig for the striking Kinsley cleaners on 03/12/16.
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