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No Fracking Groups like "Frack-Free Wakefield District" have sprung up in various parts of the country to oppose the extraction of natural gas by hydraulic fracturing ("fracking").  This process works by pumping water into the ground under high pressure, creating cracks in the rock to release trapped pockets of gas.  The cracks have to be held open by the injection of sand and a cocktail of chemicals, many of them poisonous.  Once these chemicals have been put down there, they will move with the groundwater and sooner or later (maybe many years later) will get into drinking water and contaminate rivers.  Test drilling that has already taken place in some areas is suspected to have set off earth tremors.
The drillers are already active in many parts of the country.  Very little has happened yet in our area but applications have been submitted by Hutton Energy, Igas and Total E&P Ltd., which cover most of Wakefield Metropolitan District.
The group contacted all Wakefield councillors about our concerns on Fracking, the Wakefield Express ran a couple of articles on Fracking and council leader Peter Box asked for residents` views on the subject.  On the day (18th Feb.) when the council debated Fracking we handed out leaflets to councillors going in to the meeting.  We met with support from all the councillors that we spoke to  and the council voted to oppose the practice.  Whilst we believe that Wakefield Council has done all that it can do to support our campaign, they know, as we do, that the Tory government can, and will, overrule any planning application which they refuse.  Is that what local democracy is all about ?

Where do we go from here ?  The meeting on 24th May is to discuss future plans.  We are looking to build local opposition to Fracking and to keep interest alive whilst it appears that nothing is happening.

This will include showing the West Yorkshire premiere of the film "Living With Fracking"

A short film by two Ryedale residents visiting Pennsylvania, following a visit from their MP who returned to report that fracking would not impact negatively in Ryedale.  Jo and Steve White visited some of the same people and were given a very different picture - of environmental damage and industrialised countryside.  The film will be followed by a Q & A session with the film makers.
Want to know more ?  Call John Sibbald on 0778 072 6698

The group has a Facebook page frackfreewakefielddistrict
For national and regional info see
There will also be a short presentation on Anti-fracking at the ROBERT LLEWELLYN gig on July 15th.
See Robert`s blog for his own views on this subject :

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