Fighting for Crumbs

Below : `The Imposition of Conformity` by John Wilkinson
Crumbs‘Fighting For Crumbs’ will be a short documentary and art exhibition looking at the after-effects of Austerity Britain.

Inspired by the 2015 documentary Invisible Britain`, which featured the group Sleaford Mods, our aim is to create work that explores the position of art, and artists, in a period when we are all being pressured to 'strive' for crumbs, where wages are low, and the market dictates creativity. 

From 8 to 14 August 2016 ‘Fighting for Crumbs’ (Art in the Shadow of Neoliberal Britain) will be a sober and compassionate look at the state of present-day Britain through the eyes of artists who feel a sense of responsibility to deal with issues facing us all.

Crumbs2This event will take place in both Wakefield and Sheffield.
The documentary will premiere at the Wakefield Labour Club (the Red Shed), whilst a showcase of the artists' work will be displayed at Gage Gallery, Sheffield.

Our aim is to raise enough funds to make the film and stage the exhibition.  Working very closely with DEADIDEA Productions we aim to raise £900.  Any additional funds raised will go towards helping the Red Shed remain a politically active meeting place for another 50 years.

Some of the artists involved have donated prints and books.  All those who help and contributed will be credited in our documentary and promotional material.
Please send money via

Any support will be warmly appreciated.  We would be grateful if you could spread the word as much as you can!

[Left : Detail from `Five MORE Years` by John Ledger, some of whose work has already been displayed in the Red Shed]

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