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RL Legends
Rugby League legends  Neil Fox and Brian  Lockwood  appearing during Wakefield LitFest  2015
For some years now the city has had an annual celebration of all things literary under the name of "Wakefield LitFest".  The Red Shed has hosted a number of events for this festival.  One of the main themes of these has been our favourite sport - Rugby League.   We have been fortunate here to have as an organiser the former Member of Parliament for Wakefield, David Hinchliffe, who is author of a number of books on Rugby League.
The other main theme has been political and, as a spin-off, we have a group which meets occasionally to pick a book title and have a discussion based around it.  This is generally led by one member of the group but is very informal and discussion can be very wide ranging.  Entrance is free and all meetings are open to anyone with an interest in the subject.
There is also a national organisation by the name of "Left Book Club".  This was started in 2015 as a successor to the original Left Book Club (1936-1948).  Our modest and very informal group has no connection with either of these, but shares their aim of spreading information which is essential in any debate on progressive politics.
Here`s a link to an interesting recent article on this subject : http://novaramedia.com/2016/11/01/the-case-for-left-book-clubs/

Next meeting will be . . . . . (none currently scheduled)
Books previously featured in the group`s dicussions :
Copies of these books have been placed in the club`s library.  We have a set of shelves with a collection of books on various subjects but the core of the collection is politically themed.  The collection was started with money raised from a Red Shed Players production and has been added to, mainly by donations from members, for which we are grateful.  Books in the collection are available for borrowing by club members. Nobody is formally in charge as librarian, so we rely on anyone who has borrowed a book to fetch it back !

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